The Failure of Triple-A Console Games on iPhone 15 Pro

The iPhone 15 Pro promised a revolutionary gaming experience, with the capability of running triple-A games on mobile platforms. However, major console titles like Resident Evil, Death Stranding, and Assassin’s Creed Mirage have failed to capture the interest of iPhone users. Despite being available on the newest iPhone models and select iPad models, these games have not been successful commercially. According to a report by, the number of users willing to pay full price to unlock these games beyond the initial free playable section is extremely small. This lack of user interest has resulted in disappointing revenue figures for these games, with many struggling to attract paying customers.

The report by reveals that the revenue generated by triple-A console games on iPhone 15 Pro has been dismal. For example, Assassin’s Creed Mirage, which was launched on Apple devices in June, has reportedly been downloaded approximately 123,000 times from the App Store. However, the number of users who paid the full price of $49.99 to unlock the game is under 3,000. The gross revenue from the game is estimated to be $138,000, which is significantly lower than what free-to-play games on mobile platforms earn. Similarly, other titles like Resident Evil 4 Remake, Resident Evil Village, and Death Stranding Director’s Cut have also struggled to attract paying customers. Despite recording a high number of downloads, the revenue from these games remains far below expectations.

One of the major challenges faced by triple-A console games on iPhone 15 Pro is the pricing strategy. While these games are initially offered at a 50 percent discount on the App Store, the full price can be as high as Rs. 3,999 in India. This high pricing combined with the lack of user interest has resulted in poor sales figures for these games. The report suggests that only a small percentage of users are willing to pay the full price to unlock the games, leading to low revenue numbers. The pricing strategy for these games may need to be reevaluated to attract more users and improve sales performance.

Despite the disappointing performance of triple-A console games on iPhone 15 Pro, there is still potential for improvement. The report mentions that estimates from data firm Appmagic paint a slightly more positive picture, with higher revenue figures for games like Assassin’s Creed Mirage and Resident Evil 4. This suggests that there may be a market for triple-A console games on mobile platforms, but the current pricing and marketing strategies may need to be adjusted. By exploring different pricing models, targeting the right audience, and engaging in effective marketing campaigns, developers can potentially turn the tide and make these games more successful on iPhone devices.

The failure of triple-A console games on iPhone 15 Pro highlights the challenges of bringing high-end gaming experiences to mobile platforms. Despite the technological capabilities of the latest iPhone models, user interest and revenue generation for these games have been disappointing. By reevaluating pricing strategies, targeting the right audience, and improving marketing efforts, developers can potentially overcome these challenges and make triple-A console games a success on iPhone devices.


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