The Fallout of Tyreek Hill’s Touchdown Celebration: A Photographer’s Tale

In a surprising turn of events, Dolphins wide receiver Tyreek Hill announced on Thursday that he would personally cover the salary of a photographer whose game credential was suspended by the NFL. This comes after photographer Kevin Fitzgibbons revealed in a video on social media that he was suspended for the remainder of the season, and potentially even longer, due to his involvement in Hill’s touchdown celebration during a game against the Carolina Panthers.

The incident in question occurred during Week 6 when Hill, after scoring a touchdown, took Fitzgibbons’ cellphone and recorded himself doing a backflip. Fitzgibbons, caught up in the moment, was seen jumping with excitement before leaving the field to share the clip with the NFL. Both Hill and Fitzgibbons maintain that the celebration was unplanned. However, it was Fitzgibbons’ reaction that seemed to have irked the league.

According to Fitzgibbons’ video, the NFL notified him of his suspension, stating that regardless of whether he knew about the celebration in advance, he still needed to be disciplined. The league took issue with his exuberant behavior on the sidelines after the play. It is unclear why the league singled out Fitzgibbons for punishment, while Hill received only a penalty for using a prop in his celebration.

Fitzgibbons’ video quickly went viral, amassing millions of views and likes on platforms like TikTok and Instagram. The attention brought further scrutiny to the incident, prompting questions about the fairness of the NFL’s decision. Hill addressed the matter, expressing his support for Fitzgibbons and their longstanding friendship. He assured his friend that he would cover any lost wages and emphasized their continued collaboration.

While ESPN confirmed Fitzgibbons’ suspension, it clarified that he remains an NFL employee and is not barred from future events. The league source stated that Fitzgibbons’ game access has been temporarily suspended due to multiple policy violations but acknowledged that he is still involved in other off-field and personal projects with players. This conflicting narrative raises questions about the severity and implications of the suspension.

Hill’s decision to cover Fitzgibbons’ salary demonstrates a powerful act of solidarity and support. He reiterated their history together and vowed to ensure that his friend does not suffer any professional setbacks as a result of the incident. Hill’s gesture, although commendable, also underscores the unequal treatment of those involved in the celebration. While Hill faces minimal consequences, Fitzgibbons shoulders the weight of a season-long suspension.

A Young Talent’s Perspective

At only 20 years old and studying at the University of Miami, Fitzgibbons is a budding talent in the field of videography and photography. His work has garnered attention from notable players like Hill and Saquon Barkley, leading to his contract with the NFL. In his video, Fitzgibbons expressed understanding for the league’s decision to suspend him and expressed gratitude for the opportunities he has received thus far.

The fallout from Tyreek Hill’s touchdown celebration sheds light on the disparities in disciplinary actions within the NFL. While Fitzgibbons’ suspension may seem excessive given his limited involvement, Hill’s commitment to supporting his friend is a bright spot in an otherwise disheartening situation. As the story continues to unfold, it serves as a reminder of the complexities and nuances present in professional sports and the lasting impacts of split-second decisions.


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