The Fight for Martyn’s Law: Strengthening Terror Protections in the UK

Figen Murray, the mother of Manchester Arena bombing victim Martyn Hett, is embarking on a 200-mile walk from the site of her son’s tragic death to Downing Street. Her goal is to demand stronger protections against terrorism in the UK through the implementation of Martyn’s Law. This law, named after her son, would ensure that venues and local authorities receive training and develop preventative plans to thwart terror attacks.

Martyn Hett was just 29 years old when he was killed in the devastating attack at the conclusion of an Ariana Grande concert in May 2017. Fueled by her grief and the belief that her son’s death could have been prevented with proper security measures in place, Ms. Murray has tirelessly campaigned for the introduction of Martyn’s Law. Her hope is that no parent should ever have to endure the pain and loss that she experiences daily.

Ms. Murray will be accompanied by family, friends, politicians, security experts, and members of the public on her 16-day journey to Downing Street. Her arrival on 22 May, the seventh anniversary of her son’s passing, will serve as a poignant reminder of the urgency of enacting Martyn’s Law. The culmination of her walk is intended to hold the Prime Minister accountable for his promise to introduce legislation that strengthens security and protections at public venues.

Despite being a commitment on the Conservative manifesto in 2019, Martyn’s Law has yet to progress beyond the draft stage. Ms. Murray has called upon Chancellor Rishi Sunak to meet her at Downing Street and to provide a definitive timeline for when the legislation will be presented in the House of Commons. The campaign for Martyn’s Law has been a challenging journey, and Ms. Murray hopes that this final leg of her walk will serve as a catalyst for action.

The fight for Martyn’s Law underscores the critical need for enhanced security measures to prevent future terror attacks in the UK. Figen Murray’s unwavering determination and advocacy are a testament to a mother’s love and a son’s legacy. It is imperative that the government honors its commitment to safeguarding its citizens and takes concrete steps towards making Martyn’s Law a reality.


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