The Future of Artificial Intelligence in 3D Video Games

The advancement of artificial intelligence (AI) has taken a step further with Google DeepMind’s introduction of a groundbreaking AI model called Scalable Instructable Multiworld Agent or SIMA. This AI model has the ability to play 3D video games just like a human would, marking a significant development in the field of AI research.

Unlike traditional AI models that are developed to be super-intelligent gamers capable of beating any game, SIMA is designed to learn how to interact with various gaming environments and carry out different tasks. The primary goal of SIMA is to navigate through open-world situations in 3D games and understand how a human would react and interact with natural-language instructions.

Google DeepMind partnered with eight game studios to train SIMA on nine different video games, including popular titles such as No Man’s Sky, Teardown, and Goat Simulator 3. The AI model was exposed to new interactive worlds in each game, where it had to learn tasks such as navigating through the environment, interacting with objects, and using in-game menus.

The current version of SIMA has been evaluated across 600 basic skills, ranging from simple tasks like turning left and driving a car to more complex actions like climbing a ladder and crafting items. Google highlighted that the next phase of development involves training SIMA on more complex instructions that require high-level strategic planning and multiple sub-tasks to complete.

Google emphasizes that the training of an AI model like SIMA on a diverse set of 3D video games has the potential to have a major impact in the future. The skills acquired by SIMA in gaming environments can be translated to real-world applications, such as finding resources and building structures. The company is actively working on finding ways in which AI models like SIMA can be helpful to humans in various scenarios.

Google DeepMind’s introduction of SIMA represents a significant leap in the field of AI research and development. The ability of this AI model to learn and adapt to complex 3D gaming environments opens up a wide range of possibilities for both online and real-world applications. As AI continues to evolve, models like SIMA will play a key role in shaping the future of technology and human-machine interactions.


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