The Growing Concerns Over China’s Alleged Support for Russia in Ukraine

In a recent NATO communique, China was labeled as a “decisive enabler” of Russia in its ongoing war in Ukraine. The military coalition expressed concerns over Beijing’s nuclear arsenal and “systemic challenges” to the security of the alliance. This marks a significant shift in NATO’s stance towards China, as it is the most serious denunciation of the country to date.

According to NATO, China has become a crucial supporter of Russia’s war effort in Ukraine through its “no limits” partnership with Moscow. The coalition called on Beijing to stop providing material and political support to Russia, specifically mentioning the transfer of dual-use materials that benefit Russia’s defense sector. This is the first explicit accusation that China is providing military aid to Russia in the conflict.

Despite NATO’s accusations, Beijing has repeatedly denied supplying weapons to Russia in the war in Ukraine. However, the two nations have maintained close trade relations throughout the conflict. This has raised concerns among NATO allies about China’s role in supporting Russia’s actions in Ukraine.

Earlier this week, China engaged in joint military exercises with Belarus, a close ally of Russia. These exercises took place near the Polish border, further escalating tensions in the region. China’s actions have raised questions about its commitment to peace and stability in Europe.

NATO also expressed concerns over China’s nuclear arsenal, noting that it is rapidly expanding and diversifying with more warheads and sophisticated delivery systems. The alliance urged China to engage in strategic risk reduction discussions and promote transparency to enhance stability.

Furthermore, NATO highlighted China’s alleged disinformation campaigns, particularly in space and cyberspace. The alliance warned that China poses systemic challenges to Euro-Atlantic security and is actively engaging in coercive tactics to divide the alliance. This has prompted NATO allies to increase their shared awareness and enhance preparations to protect against China’s actions.

China’s Response

In response to NATO’s accusations, China’s mission to the European Union criticized the statement, calling it provocative and filled with lies and smears. The mission accused NATO of hyping up China-Russia relations and undermining the rules-based international order with a Cold War mentality and belligerent rhetoric.

Despite China’s denial and criticism of NATO’s claims, the growing concerns over China’s alleged support for Russia in Ukraine have raised serious questions about Beijing’s role in the conflict. As tensions continue to escalate in the region, it remains to be seen how China’s actions will impact the ongoing war and international relations as a whole.


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