The Growing Demand for Talent in the Semiconductor Industry

With the rapid advancement of technology and the continuous growth of the semiconductor industry, there is a pressing need for skilled workers to fill a wide range of positions. The competition for talent has intensified, and the industry is projected to face a shortage of as much as one million workers in the broader U.S. economy by 2030. This deficit is exacerbated by the rise of generative artificial intelligence, further fueling the demand for qualified individuals in the sector.

Companies in the semiconductor industry, such as GlobalFoundries, are actively recruiting candidates to address the talent gap. GlobalFoundries, one of the largest chipmakers globally, has implemented various strategies to attract talent. These include targeting veteran candidates, individuals from its workforce reentry program, and women in construction. The company’s diverse client base spans across industries, from electronics and phones to autos, as well as space and defense components.

Training Programs

In response to the growing demand for skilled workers, GlobalFoundries launched the sector’s first registered apprenticeship program in 2021. This program offers full-time, paid positions with benefits and no-cost training for individuals interested in the mechanical field. The apprenticeship, completed within two years or less, is open to candidates with a high school diploma or equivalent. The company has also recruited graduates with technical associate degrees from community colleges and veterans transitioning out of the military.

As the industry evolves, there is room for advancement for employees within semiconductor companies. Training and retaining existing workers are crucial components in this competitive environment. GlobalFoundries employee Morgan Woods transitioned from a technician role to a training and development analyst, overseeing training programs for various roles within the company. Woods highlighted the importance of compliance as the company expands into sectors like automotive, stressing the need for additional manpower to support the production of microchips.

To further support the professional growth and financial well-being of its employees, GlobalFoundries introduced a program in May that offers tax-free assistance for student debt. Eligible U.S.-based employees and new hires can receive up to $28,500 for qualified loans related to degree programs and credit-based certificate programs. This initiative aims to alleviate financial burdens and provide employees with the opportunity to achieve personal milestones, such as homeownership and expanding their families.

Funding from initiatives like the CHIPS and Science Act plays a vital role in the growth of the semiconductor industry. Companies like GlobalFoundries are investing in expanding manufacturing facilities in states like New York and Vermont, with the support of government funding. The projected creation of new jobs in manufacturing and construction is expected to offer opportunities for a diverse range of workers, contributing to the overall growth and sustainability of the industry.

The semiconductor industry is facing a critical need for skilled workers to meet the demands of a rapidly evolving technological landscape. Companies like GlobalFoundries are implementing innovative recruitment strategies, training programs, and employee benefits to attract and retain top talent. The support of government funding initiatives further enhances the industry’s expansion and job creation efforts, creating a promising outlook for individuals seeking to pursue careers in the semiconductor sector.


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