The Impact of the M25 Daytime Closure on Residents and Businesses

The planned daytime closure of a five-mile stretch of the M25 between junctions 10 and 11 has raised concerns among residents and businesses in the area. This closure is the first of its kind and is expected to last until 6am on Monday. Located on one of the busiest routes in the country, this stretch of the motorway serves not only local commuters but also provides access to Heathrow and Gatwick airports. With an 11.5-mile diversion route directing traffic along A roads, fears have been expressed regarding the potential for gridlocked traffic near the M25, significantly impacting the daily lives of locals.

Business owners along the diversion route are particularly worried about the disruption caused by the M25 closure. Mark Pollak, owner of Billy Tong, which caters for events and sells biltong at markets, anticipates a significant loss in turnover for the weekend. Pollak had to refuse catering services for an event in Guildford and cancel its stall at Surbiton Farmers’ Market due to the expected traffic congestion. The uncertainty surrounding the duration of the closure has forced businesses to make difficult decisions about cutting services and staff availability.

Residents in the vicinity of junction 10 are also facing challenges due to the M25 closure. Daryl Jordan, of Woking Borough Council, highlighted the congestion on Byfleet Road, which is close to the junction. The increased traffic and road closures have made it difficult for residents to access essential services and commute to and from work. The closure has disrupted the daily routines of many residents, causing frustration and inconvenience.

Motoring experts have expressed doubts about the official estimates of congestion levels during the M25 closure. National Highways, the organization responsible for managing the motorway, hopes to limit delays to no more than an hour. However, experts warn that these estimates may be overly optimistic, considering the volume of vehicles normally using this section of the M25. Drivers are advised not to rely on satnavs for alternate routes but to follow the prescribed diversion to minimize traffic disruptions.

The closure of the M25 for demolition and improvement works is set to be repeated four more times up to September. As residents and businesses brace for further disruptions, the community must come together to support each other through these challenging times. While some businesses may face financial losses and residents experience inconveniences, it is crucial to maintain a sense of resilience and solidarity. Local authorities and organizations must work together to ensure that the impact of future closures is mitigated, and effective communication with the public is maintained.

The planned daytime closure of the M25 between junctions 10 and 11 has significant implications for residents and businesses in the area. The gridlocked traffic, disruption to daily routines, and financial losses faced by businesses highlight the challenges posed by infrastructure improvements. Moving forward, it is essential for all stakeholders to collaborate and adapt to minimize the impact of future closures on the community.


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