The Impact of YouTube’s Crackdown on AI-Generated Content

YouTube recently announced a crackdown on artificial intelligence (AI)-generated content posted on the platform, requiring creators to disclose when a video has been altered or generated using AI tools. This move comes after the video-streaming giant updated its content policy in November 2023 to promote transparency when it comes to AI videos being uploaded.

In an effort to increase transparency, YouTube introduced a new tool that will prompt creators to indicate if their content has been meaningfully altered or synthetically generated. This information will be added to the video-uploading workflow, making it easier for creators to disclose any AI-generated content they upload.

Creators will now find a new section titled “Altered Content” in the uploading workflow, where they will be asked three key questions. These questions include whether the video makes a person say or do something they did not say or do, whether it alters the footage of a real event or place, and whether it features a realistic-looking scene that did not occur. Creators are required to mark ‘Yes’ if any of these elements are present, and YouTube will automatically add a disclosure label in the video description.

Penalties for Non-Disclosure

YouTube has stated that failure to disclose AI-generated content will result in penalties for creators. While the platform will initially give creators time to adapt to the new requirements, penalties may include content removal, suspension from the YouTube Partner Programme, and more.

Viewers will be able to see these new labels on the Android and iOS apps first, with plans to later introduce them to the web interface and TV. For creators, the workflow will first appear on the web interface, ensuring that all AI-generated content is properly disclosed.

Focus on Deepfakes

YouTube’s decision to crack down on AI-generated content comes in light of the increasing prevalence of deepfakes. The platform aims to protect both viewers and creators by introducing disclosure tools and providing viewers with the option to request the removal of AI-generated or other synthetically altered content that simulates identifiable individuals.

Protecting Music Labels and Artists

In addition to addressing AI-generated content, YouTube also announced a separate set of rules to protect the content of music labels and artists. This move demonstrates YouTube’s commitment to maintaining the integrity of content on its platform and ensuring a safe and transparent viewing experience for users.

YouTube’s crackdown on AI-generated content marks a significant step towards promoting transparency and accountability in the online content creation space. By requiring creators to disclose AI-altered content and implementing penalties for non-compliance, YouTube is sending a clear message that it prioritizes the authenticity and integrity of its platform. This move will not only protect viewers from potentially misleading or harmful content but also safeguard the interests of creators and uphold the quality of content on YouTube.


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