The Importance of Sharing Your Prostate Cancer Journey

Prostate cancer is a disease that affects millions of men worldwide, yet there is still a stigma surrounding it that prevents many from openly discussing their diagnosis. Some, like Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin and Kate, Princess of Wales, choose to keep their diagnosis private for various reasons. However, the importance of breaking the silence and sharing their experiences cannot be understated.

Changing the Conversation

In the past, cancer was often referred to as the “Big C,” and discussing it openly was taboo. It took public figures like former Sen. Bob Dole and first lady Betty Ford speaking out about their cancer diagnoses and treatments to change the conversation. Their openness paved the way for others to feel more comfortable sharing their own experiences with cancer, including the side effects of treatment.

Elaine Smith, a counselor at City of Hope Cancer Center Atlanta, highlights the importance of personality when it comes to openness about prostate cancer. Some patients fear being solely identified as a cancer patient and worry about how others will perceive them. This fear can extend to the workplace, where missing appointments and treatments may impact how they are judged in terms of their work performance.

Support and Communication

Dr. Bradley Carthon of Emory University stresses the importance of patients sharing their cancer journey with family members and loved ones. Having a support system in place not only helps patients feel less alone but also ensures that important information from doctors is not missed. Dr. Paul Monk of Ohio State University emphasizes the significance of bringing a support person to appointments to act as another set of ears.

Anthony Bridges, a prostate cancer survivor, has made it his mission to share his story with others, especially Black men who are disproportionately affected by the disease. His involvement in Project Elevation aims to reduce the stigma surrounding prostate cancer and provide vital information about screening. By changing mindsets and encouraging open dialogue, Bridges hopes to empower others to take control of their health.

Sharing your prostate cancer journey is not only important for personal healing but also for raising awareness and destigmatizing the disease. By speaking openly about their experiences, individuals like Anthony Bridges are making a significant impact on their communities and encouraging others to prioritize their health. Breaking the silence and seeking support can make a world of difference in the fight against prostate cancer.


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