The Inspiration Behind “The Idea of You” Character, Hayes Campbell

Robinne Lee, the author of The Idea of You, recently discussed the inspiration behind the character of Hayes Campbell. Contrary to popular belief, Lee clarified that Hayes was not solely inspired by Harry Styles, despite initial statements suggesting otherwise.

In an interview with EW, Lee emphasized that Hayes Campbell is not a product of fan fiction revolving around Harry Styles. While Styles may have contributed to the creation of the character, Lee drew inspiration from various real-life figures to shape Hayes Campbell into a multi-dimensional persona.

Lee revealed that Hayes Campbell embodies characteristics from different individuals such as JFK Jr., Michael Hutchence, and members of Duran Duran. By blending elements from these personalities, Lee crafted a character that is complex and intriguing, rather than a carbon copy of any one celebrity.

Despite acknowledging Styles’ impact on the initial creation of Hayes Campbell, Lee stressed that the character has evolved beyond a mere reflection of the former One Direction member. She emphasized that while Styles may have resonated with readers, Hayes Campbell is an entity with a unique identity and backstory.

The Evolution of “The Idea of You”

Originally published in 2017, The Idea of You has since been adapted into a film featuring Anne Hathaway and Nicholas Galitzine. The transformation of Lee’s novel into a visual medium further underscores the depth and complexity of the character of Hayes Campbell, showcasing his journey from the pages of a book to the silver screen.

Robinne Lee’s creative process behind crafting the character of Hayes Campbell in The Idea of You highlights the intricate web of influences that shape fictional personas. While initial comparisons to Harry Styles may have sparked interest, it is crucial to recognize the diverse inspirations and creative choices that contribute to the rich tapestry of characters in literature and film. Hayes Campbell stands as a testament to the multifaceted nature of character development and storytelling, transcending simplistic associations to emerge as a compelling figure in his own right.


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