The Intense Western Film “Butcher’s Crossing” Unveils New Clip

The highly anticipated Western film, “Butcher’s Crossing,” directed by Gabe Polsky, has recently released an exciting new clip. Starring Nicolas Cage and Fred Hechinger from “The White Lotus,” the film is based on the 1960 novel of the same name by John Williams. Set to premiere at TIFF 2022, “Butcher’s Crossing” will be released in select theaters via Saban Films on October 20. The story revolves around Will Andrews, a young Harvard student with dreams of exploring the country and living off the land. However, his journey takes a dangerous turn when he agrees to finance a hunting expedition to Colorado led by the experienced and obsessive hunter, Miller.

In “Butcher’s Crossing,” the protagonist, Will Andrews, embarks on a daring adventure to the West in 1874. His goal is to witness the stunning landscapes and experience the untamed wilderness firsthand. With a naive perspective, Will joins forces with Miller, played by Nicolas Cage, who has an unrelenting desire to track down and slaughter a mythical buffalo herd he encountered years ago in the Rockies.

As the hunting expedition progresses, tensions rise, and the sanity and lives of the hunting party become jeopardized. Miller’s single-minded determination to exterminate every buffalo in the massive herd places everyone at significant risk. The harrowing journey unfolds, showcasing the psychological toll of their actions and the unraveling of the characters’ humanity and morality.

The supporting cast of “Butcher’s Crossing” includes talented actors such as Jeremy Bobb, Xander Berkeley, Rachel Keller, and Paul Raci. Their performances contribute to the intense and captivating atmosphere portrayed in the film.

Gabe Polsky takes on the role of director for “Butcher’s Crossing,” bringing the story to life with his unique vision and storytelling techniques. Polsky’s previous work, including the critically acclaimed documentary “Red Army,” showcases his ability to capture compelling narratives and emotional depth.

The screenplay for the film was adapted by Polsky himself, alongside Liam Satre-Meloy. Together, they remained faithful to John Williams’ original novel while adding their own creative touches. This collaboration ensures that the film stays true to its source material while offering a fresh and engaging cinematic experience.

The production of “Butcher’s Crossing” boasts an impressive lineup of producers, including Amanda Bowers and Molly Conners of Phiphen Pictures, Will Clarke and Andy Mayson for Altitude Film Entertainment, and Nicolas Cage’s Saturn Films. The collective expertise of these production teams guarantees a high-quality and immersive Western film.

The recently released clip from “Butcher’s Crossing” provides viewers with a taste of the film’s intensity and dark atmosphere. In the scene, Miller, portrayed by Nicolas Cage, ominously reveals that the campsite where they have settled for the night is an Indian burial ground. He casually mentions that the powder being scattered around the site is “wolf poison.” This revelation adds an eerie and foreboding element to the story.

Miller’s twisted delight is evident as he proudly states that he deliberately chose this sacred location for their camp. The exchange between Miller and Will, played by Fred Hechinger, hints at the impact of the changing times on both the hunters and the buffalo herd they are pursuing.

“Butcher’s Crossing” promises to be an unforgettable Western film that delves into the depths of human nature, obsession, and the consequences of relentless pursuit. With an exceptional cast led by Nicolas Cage and Fred Hechinger, the film is set to captivate audiences with its intense storytelling, breathtaking cinematography, and immersive Western landscapes. Expectations are high for this unique cinematic experience, as it combines elements of adventure, drama, and psychological suspense. Get ready to embark on a wild journey into the heart of the American West when “Butcher’s Crossing” hits theaters on October 20.


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