The International Success of Inside Out 2 at the Box Office

The success of Disney/Pixar’s Inside Out 2 at the international box office continues to reach new heights with each passing day. The movie has now crossed the $481.4M mark worldwide, with the half-billion milestone within reach. In just 43 international markets, the sequel added an impressive $23.4M to its running offshore total of $226.7M.

One standout achievement for Inside Out 2 is its performance in Brazil, where it secured a No. 1 launch with $3.2M. This opening day result is not only the biggest ever for an animated title but also the 5th highest for any film in history. Moreover, it currently holds the top spot for the year in terms of box office earnings.

In other key markets like Mexico, the UK, and Korea, the movie continues to dominate with impressive earnings. Mexico leads the pack with $45M, followed closely by the UK with $19.7M and Korea with $18.5M. These strong performances indicate the widespread appeal and popularity of Inside Out 2 globally.

China, a crucial market for Hollywood blockbusters, opened to an estimated $2.6M. Although this figure is not included in the overall international total, industry experts predict a weekend gross in the range of $10M. With a 9.5 audience score on Maoyan, the movie has garnered high praise from Chinese viewers, surpassing even the original film’s score of 9.0.

Across Europe, the Middle East, and Africa, Inside Out 2 saw a 2% increase in box office revenue, indicating sustained interest and positive word-of-mouth. Meanwhile, in Latin America, the movie experienced a slight decline of 36% compared to its record-breaking debut. Despite this, the film’s overall performance remains strong in these regions.

In new overseas markets like Italy, France, Spain, and Belgium, Inside Out 2 set impressive opening day records. Italy, in particular, saw the movie achieve the highest opening day figure for an animated title, further solidifying its global appeal. France and Spain also contributed significantly to the film’s success, with strong box office numbers and positive audience reception.

Looking ahead, industry analysts expect Inside Out 2 to surpass the first film’s final earnings of $15.3M. With a growing fan base and enthusiastic reviews from moviegoers worldwide, the sequel is poised to continue its box office dominance in the coming weeks. As the film reaches new audiences and markets, its international success is a testament to the enduring popularity of the Pixar franchise.


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