The Latest Leaked Images of Pixel 9 Pro: What We Know So Far

The leaked images of the Pixel 9 Pro have given us a glimpse of the redesigned camera layout that the upcoming smartphone will feature. The handset is expected to come with a periscope telephoto camera, which can be seen in the images that were published earlier this week. The rear panel of the Pixel 9 Pro showcases an oval-shaped camera island, signaling a departure from the ‘visor’ camera module that was used in the previous models.

Interestingly, one of the leaked images also shows the Pixel 9 Pro alongside the iPhone 15 Pro Max, allowing for a size comparison between the two devices. The Pixel 9 Pro is positioned next to the iPhone 15 Pro Max, hinting at the differences in size and form factor between the two flagship smartphones. The Pixel 9 Pro is expected to be smaller in size, similar to the iPhone 15, while the Pixel 9 Pro XL will have a larger screen akin to the iPhone 15 Pro Max.

Moreover, the leaked images reveal that the Pixel 9 Pro will come equipped with 16GB of LPDDR5 RAM from Micron, along with 128GB of inbuilt storage. The presence of LPDDR5 RAM suggests that the device will offer significant improvements in performance and efficiency compared to its predecessors. Additionally, the handset is expected to feature a Samsung modem with support for satellite communications during emergencies, providing users with added connectivity options in critical situations.

Recent reports have also hinted at some software enhancements that the Pixel 9 series might bring. A beta version of the Google app for beta testers hinted at the Pixel 9 series moniker, while also suggesting the inclusion of a custom animation feature. These updates indicate that Google is focusing on delivering a unique and customized user experience with its upcoming flagship smartphones. More details and official announcements are anticipated to be made as the launch date for the Pixel 9 series draws closer later this year.

The leaked images of the Pixel 9 Pro have shed light on some of the key features and specifications of the upcoming smartphone. From the redesigned camera layout to the size comparison with the iPhone 15 Pro Max, there are several aspects that make the Pixel 9 Pro an intriguing device to look out for. With a focus on hardware improvements, software enhancements, and unique features, the Pixel 9 series is shaping up to be an exciting addition to Google’s lineup of smartphones.


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