The Lost Weekend: A Love Story – A Look into John Lennon’s Lesser Known Chapter

Briarcliff Entertainment has recently acquired a captivating documentary feature titled “The Lost Weekend: A Love Story.” Directed by Eve Brandstein, Richard Kaufman, and Stuart Samuels, this film explores the whirlwind love affair between May Pang and legendary singer John Lennon. Premiering at Tribeca, the documentary offers an inside perspective on a love affair that greatly influenced Lennon’s career after his time with The Beatles.

“The Lost Weekend: A Love Story” sheds light on a lesser-known chapter in John Lennon’s life. It took May Pang 50 years to share her story on film, offering viewers a unique insight into her 18-month relationship with the music icon. Remarkably, this relationship was orchestrated by none other than Yoko Ono herself, Lennon’s wife at the time.

May Pang vividly recounts her first unforgettable love as a 23-year-old in the documentary. Her experience during this period was not limited to her romantic relationship with Lennon; she also played a crucial role in reuniting him with his son, Julian Lennon. Furthermore, May actively participated in Lennon’s most productive post-Beatles era, witnessing the release of albums like “Mind Games” and “Walls and Bridges.” Collaborations with renowned artists such as David Bowie and Elton John are also explored, adding depth to the narrative.

“The Lost Weekend” features interviews with key figures who were part of John Lennon’s life during this time. Julian Lennon, Mick Jagger, Alice Cooper, and Paul McCartney all contribute to the documentary, offering their perspectives on the dynamic between Lennon and May Pang. Their insights provide a comprehensive understanding of the complexities of human relationships and the impact they can have on a person’s creative output.

After five decades, May Pang is finally able to share her unique perspective on John Lennon and their time together. Grateful for the opportunity, she expressed her gratitude towards Tom Ortenberg, the individual responsible for making this project a reality. Pang’s firsthand account of her relationship with Lennon brings a refreshing and humanizing element to the documentary.

Briarcliff CEO Tom Ortenberg, a self-proclaimed music lover and Beatles fan, is thrilled to partner with Universal Pictures Home Entertainment and the talented group of filmmakers behind “The Lost Weekend: A Love Story.” Ortenberg believes that this documentary will deeply resonate with audiences who have been captivated by the magic of John Lennon’s music and the intricacies of human relationships.

“The Lost Weekend: A Love Story” is a collaborative effort produced by Christal Curry, Eve Brandstein, Richard Kaufman, and Stuart Samuels. The documentary boasts a remarkable lineup of executive producers, including Micki Purcell, Peggy Taylor, Eric DeWitt, Randy & Sherry Fix, Kate & Hans Morris, Fred Freeman, Harri Mark, Bob Francis, and Jonathan Gould. Their combined expertise and passion ensure that viewers will witness a compelling and well-crafted story.

On October 13, 2023, Briarcliff will release “The Lost Weekend: A Love Story” on digital platforms and Blu-ray, strategically coinciding with John Lennon’s birthday. This highly anticipated premiere will offer fans and music enthusiasts an intimate glimpse into an often overlooked period in Lennon’s life and career.

“The Lost Weekend: A Love Story” explores the deeply personal and transformative relationship between May Pang and John Lennon. Through her eyes and voice, Pang opens up about her remarkable journey alongside the music icon. This documentary promises to be a captivating exploration of love, music, and the profound impact that relationships can have on one’s artistry.


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