The Most-Watched Women’s College Basketball Game on Record

The women’s college basketball game between Iowa and LSU has recently made headlines for being the most-watched women’s college basketball game on record. This historic event took place on Monday night in the Albany 2 Region final, with Iowa securing a 94-87 victory over LSU. Caitlin Clark, Iowa’s standout player, scored an impressive 41 points during the game, leading her team to victory and avenging last year’s loss to the Tigers in the national championship game.

The game between Iowa and LSU garnered an average of 12.3 million viewers on ESPN, according to Nielsen. This viewership figure surpassed the 11.84 million viewers who watched the 1983 NCAA championship game between Southern California and Louisiana Tech. It is also worth noting that the most-viewed basketball game on ESPN since 2018 was Game 7 of the 2018 Eastern Conference finals, which averaged 13.6 million viewers, indicating the significance of the Iowa-LSU matchup.

Caitlin Clark’s four games in the women’s NCAA tournament on ESPN and ABC have averaged 6.83 million viewers, further solidifying her status as a rising star in women’s college basketball. Iowa’s upcoming game against UConn in the national semifinal at the Women’s Final Four is highly anticipated, with the winner facing either South Carolina or North Carolina State in the championship game on Sunday. The national championship game will be broadcast on ABC, drawing even more attention to the women’s college basketball scene.

Rising Popularity of Women’s Basketball

Former Division I guard Isis Young, now a broadcaster and analyst, emphasized the importance of the current moment for women’s basketball, describing it as a movement. Young highlighted the significant role that players like Caitlin Clark play in driving this movement forward. The increasing viewership of women’s basketball games, as evidenced by the record-breaking numbers for the Iowa-LSU matchup, suggests a growing interest in and appreciation for the sport among fans.

The significance of the Iowa-LSU game goes beyond the court, as it has captured the attention and admiration of many basketball enthusiasts. Even NBA players like Devin Booker have taken notice of Caitlin Clark’s remarkable performance, further contributing to the buzz surrounding women’s college basketball. LSU star Angel Reese acknowledged the historic nature of the game, emphasizing the importance of being a part of such a momentous occasion for the sport.

The record-breaking viewership of the Iowa-LSU women’s college basketball game underscores the growing popularity and recognition of women’s basketball. With players like Caitlin Clark shining on the court and captivating audiences around the world, it is clear that women’s college basketball is not only a sport but also a movement that is gaining momentum and making history. The success of the Iowa-LSU game serves as a testament to the skill, talent, and dedication of the players involved, as well as the increasing interest in women’s sports as a whole.


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