The New Frontier: ESPN and Theater Sports Network Bring College Football to Movie Theaters

In a groundbreaking move, ESPN has partnered with Theater Sports Network to bring Atlantic Coast Conference (ACC) games to movie theaters nationwide. This distribution agreement expands on ESPN’s previous venture with Cinemark for the College Football Playoff and includes approximately 75 ACC games throughout the season. This move aims to enhance the viewership experience and generate excitement among college football fans by creating a stadium-like atmosphere in theaters.

Even prior to the COVID-19 pandemic, theater owners had been exploring various non-film programming options to diversify their offerings. Technological advancements have made it easier to distribute alternative content, such as academic classes, conferences, concerts, and fine-arts events. This shift in programming aligns with the changing preferences of audiences and provides theaters an opportunity to navigate a challenging marketplace.

Despite the overall decline in live TV viewership, college football and the NFL have managed to retain and even expand their dedicated fan bases. Both sports have thrived in terms of live tune-in, which underscores the enduring appeal of watching games in real-time. By bringing college football to movie theaters, ESPN and Theater Sports Network are tapping into the collective experience of viewing parties and gatherings at bars and restaurants. Furthermore, the recent legalization of sports betting has only heightened the allure and excitement surrounding live sporting events.

The ACC, featuring powerhouse teams like Clemson, Florida State, Boston College, Syracuse, and North Carolina, is one of college football’s prestigious Power Five conferences. However, recent reports suggest that the conference may soon expand its influence by considering the addition of Stanford, Cal, and Southern Methodist University. The inclusion of these West Coast schools and a Texas-based university could further elevate the ACC’s status and make it an even more attractive conference for fans and viewers.

Salt Lake City-based Theater Sports Network specializes in collaborating with theater owners and rights holders across the country. Known for its flexible model, the company sets screenings based on demand and availability. Fans can sign up on the Theater Sports Network website to receive notifications about upcoming games in their area, starting from this coming Saturday. This partnership enables Theater Sports Network to leverage the popularity of college football and offer fans an immersive viewing experience in theaters.

The distribution agreement not only covers regular-season ACC games but also includes the highly anticipated “New Year’s Six” bowl games, including the semifinals of the College Football Playoff. These bowls, taking place on New Year’s Day or shortly before, encompass the Peach, Cotton, Fiesta, Orange, Sugar, and Rose bowls. The national championship game on January 8 will also be part of the theatrical initiative, further enhancing the appeal of college football in theaters.

The live sports experience in theaters offers numerous advantages, reminiscent of the atmosphere found in football stadiums. Large gatherings of alumni, students, and general fans can come together to support their favorite teams on the big screen. As part of this initiative, Theater Sports Network has partnered with MetaMedia, a cloud-based delivery platform for cinemas and other out-of-home venues. MetaMedia’s extensive network encompasses over 5,000 screens in the United States and Canada, including key markets.

With this groundbreaking agreement between ESPN and Theater Sports Network, the future looks promising for college football in movie theaters. This new frontier presents an opportunity to revolutionize the way fans consume and experience live sports. As the partnership progresses, additional college football conferences and other sporting events may join this initiative, expanding the reach and appeal of live sports in theaters.

The collaboration between ESPN and Theater Sports Network marks a significant milestone in the entertainment industry. By bringing college football games to movie theaters nationwide, both organizations aim to create an immersive and dynamic viewing experience for fans. This innovative venture not only elevates the status of college football but also demonstrates the willingness of theater owners to adapt to changing audience preferences. As the sports and entertainment landscape continues to evolve, the integration of live sporting events in theaters represents an exciting future for fans, athletes, and the industry as a whole.


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