The New York Mets: Looking Ahead to a Highly Competitive 2024 Season

The New York Mets have had a challenging season, and owner Steve Cohen is already looking ahead to the future. Cohen recently met with players, coaches, and reporters to discuss his expectations for the 2024 season. While the team is focused on the long-term rebuild and acquiring minor league prospects, Cohen believes that the Mets can still be “highly competitive” next year. However, he acknowledges that the expectations will be lower, given the team’s struggles this season.

Cohen discussed the recent trades of star pitchers Justin Verlander, Max Scherzer, and others. He explained that the decision was based on the team’s slim playoff chances and the need for sustainability. With just a 15% probability of making the postseason, trading for a solid return seemed like the best option. Cohen emphasized that these deals were not made just for the sake of it but were strategically planned to secure a more promising future for the team.

Looking ahead to the 2024 season, Cohen highlighted the team’s need for quality starting pitching. He acknowledged that this would be a key area to address in the offseason. While he wants to avoid rolling out a team that would be an embarrassment, Cohen also understands that spending a fortune doesn’t guarantee a playoff berth. The Mets will carefully evaluate their needs and make strategic moves to strengthen their starting rotation.

Cohen mentioned that he had conversations with both Verlander and Scherzer regarding their decision to be traded. He understands that the veterans have different priorities in their careers and wanted assurance that the Mets would be all-in during free agency next year. Cohen couldn’t provide that promise, as the team is focused on the long-term plan. Ultimately, the veterans made their decisions based on their desire to win now and their perception of the team’s odds.

The Mets’ decision to make significant trades at the deadline was influenced by a lack of consistency on the field and a shortened timeframe to turn the season around. With only 58 games remaining, the team would have to win two-thirds of their games to have a chance at the playoffs. However, Cohen saw no indication that things were changing, leading to the decision to make big moves and set the team up for the future.

When asked about specific personnel decisions, Cohen remained tight-lipped. However, he expressed the team’s appreciation for All-Star first baseman Pete Alonso and his importance to the Mets. Alonso can become a free agent after the 2024 season, and Cohen hopes to work things out to keep him with the team.

Regarding manager Buck Showalter, Cohen believes that the disappointing results this year are not solely his responsibility. He places the blame on the players and considers the team’s lack of consistency and bad luck to be the primary factors contributing to their struggles.

The Mets have made efforts to lower their payroll this year, aiming for a range of $340 million to $345 million. Additionally, their luxury tax payroll target is set at $370 million to $375 million. These financial considerations play a role in the team’s decision-making process and will continue to be a factor as they plan for the future.

The New York Mets are looking ahead to a highly competitive 2024 season. Owner Steve Cohen is focused on the long-term rebuild, while still hoping for a competitive team next year. Strategic trades have been made to secure a solid return and set the team up for success in the future. Addressing the starting pitching situation will be a priority in the offseason. The perspective of veteran players and their desire for immediate success played a role in recent trades. The team’s struggles and lack of consistency this season have led to the decision to make big moves at the deadline. The Mets will continue to evaluate contracts and personnel decisions, with hopes of keeping key players like Pete Alonso. Looking forward, financial considerations will also play a role in the team’s decision-making process. The New York Mets are determined to build a competitive and sustainable team for the years to come.


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