The Power of Unity: Biden, Clinton, and Obama Plan a Historic Fundraiser

The Biden campaign is gearing up to organize a groundbreaking fundraiser that aims to make headlines, energize Democratic voters, and attract lucrative donations. According to sources familiar with the planning, the idea is for three Democratic presidents — Joe Biden, Bill Clinton, and Barack Obama — to appear together at a fundraising event this spring. While discussions are still ongoing to coordinate the schedules of these influential figures, the timeframe for the event is likely to be in March or April.

The planned fundraiser underscores the belief among Biden allies that the Democratic Party needs to adopt an all-hands-on-deck approach to secure a second term for President Biden. It is evident that Democratic leaders, as well as the Biden campaign, view the upcoming general election as one of the highest-stakes elections in recent memory. By bringing together three former presidents, the campaign aims to rally support and generate excitement among Democratic voters who have so far shown limited enthusiasm for the party’s 2024 ticket.

Shifting into General Election Mode

Unexpectedly, the Biden campaign has shifted gears and entered a general election posture earlier than anticipated. The initial expectation was that former President Donald Trump would be Biden’s opponent in the fall, following the Republican primary process. However, with Trump’s recent victories in both Iowa and New Hampshire, Biden aides have determined that the moment to focus on the general election has arrived.

As a result, the campaign is ramping up hiring efforts, especially in battleground states, and intensifying its focus on key voter groups who are poised to decide the outcome of the November election. Biden has tailored recent events to appeal specifically to Black voters, while Vice President Kamala Harris has initiated a series of small events with Latino voters. The president’s travel schedule, which has already increased, will further accelerate to ensure his presence in the country at least two days a week.

A Multi-Million-Dollar Ad Campaign

To draw a clear contrast with Trump, the Biden campaign is preparing to launch a multi-million-dollar ad campaign. The campaign aims to highlight the stark differences between Biden’s vision for America and the policies of his predecessor. The planned launch of this ad campaign is expected to coincide with Biden’s State of the Union address in early March.

Raising Money and Mobilizing the Base

The ultimate goal of the fundraiser, featuring Biden, Clinton, and Obama, is to raise a significant amount of money for the campaign. Both large and small donations are anticipated, with the hope that the presence of these three influential figures will also mobilize the party base. The urgency to defeat Trump and secure a second term for Biden is palpable, with everyone involved fully committed to the cause.

If the initial fundraiser is deemed a success, the campaign may organize a second event later in the year. It is important, however, to consider that what Democrats perceive as a united show of force may be viewed differently by some voters, particularly moderate Republicans who played a role in Biden’s 2020 victory. Bill Clinton and Barack Obama have been polarizing figures for the GOP, and Clinton, in particular, has faced criticism from within his own party over the handling of allegations of sexual misconduct from the 1990s.

Regardless, both Clinton and Obama remain popular among Democrats and are revered as significant leaders within the party. Moreover, former presidents generally enjoy higher approval ratings from the American public than the current president. This dynamic presents a potential challenge for Biden, as his approval rating at this stage of his presidency lags behind that of both Clinton and Obama during their respective re-election campaigns.

However, the Biden administration remains optimistic, citing promising signs of economic improvement that they believe will benefit the president in the coming months and help boost his approval rating. To capitalize on this momentum, the White House has adopted a more personal approach, allowing Biden to engage directly with Americans on specific economic issues such as student loan debt and small business concerns.

As plans for the historic fundraiser featuring Biden, Clinton, and Obama take shape, the Democratic Party is positioning itself for a fierce general election battle. The power of unity and the collective strength of these three influential figures provide a glimmer of hope for Democratic voters who are determined to see Biden secure a second term in office. With the campaign intensifying its efforts and mobilizing its base, the race for the White House is sure to be one filled with anticipation and suspense.


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