The Prominence of German Filmmakers: The Faces Behind the German Film Industry

German Films, the agency responsible for promoting German cinema worldwide, has announced the participants for the ninth edition of their annual Face to Face campaign, titled “Face to Face with German Films – The Filmmakers.” This year, the campaign aims to showcase the exceptional talents of seven filmmakers who have made a lasting impact on the German film industry with their creative and artistic work. From actors to writers and directors, these individuals have worked on various projects ranging from television series like “Deutschland ’89” and “Kafka” to feature films such as “Turning Tables.”

Establishing a Global Platform for German Talent

The Face to Face campaign has become a prominent platform for introducing German talent to the international film and television industries. Over the years, it has featured renowned filmmakers like Sandra Hüller, Christian Friedel, Burhan Qurbani, and Saskia Rosendahl, among others. By showcasing their creative endeavors, the campaign has successfully highlighted the diversity and excellence of the German film industry.

This year’s participants include actor Jan Bülow, writer and director Mehmet Akif Büyükatalay, actor Banafshe Hourmazdi, writer-director Moritz Müller-Preißer, production designer Mona Cathleen Otterbach, writer-director Eva Trobisch, and writer-director Soleen Yusef. Each of these individuals has shown remarkable skill and innovation in their respective fields, contributing significantly to the growth and development of German cinema.

The Face to Face campaign will kick off with a Deadline Virtual Event on February 8, during which Deadline will sit down with four of the talents — Bülow, Müller-Preißer, Hourmazdi, and Yusef — to discuss the challenges and opportunities currently faced by the German film and television industries. This event serves as an opportunity for industry professionals and enthusiasts to gain insights into the German film landscape directly from the talented minds behind it.

In addition to the virtual event, German Films will host a panel event featuring the seven participants during the Berlin Film Festival on February 19. The event will further showcase the diversity and skill that define German cinema, highlighting the unique perspectives and artistic visions of these filmmakers. It is an extraordinary opportunity for the participants to present their work to an international audience and establish connections within the global film community.

Simone Baumann, the Managing Director of German Films, emphasizes the agency’s commitment to supporting emerging talents in the German film industry. The Face to Face campaign serves as a platform for nurturing and accompanying these talents on their journey towards success. It not only highlights the existing diversity of the German film industry but also emphasizes the vast array of trades and skills that thrive within the country.

The Face to Face campaign by German Films continues to play a crucial role in promoting German cinema by showcasing the exceptional talents of filmmakers. By providing a platform for these individuals to share their work and engage in critical discussions, the campaign succeeds in raising international awareness and appreciation for the German film industry. As a result, the industry as a whole continues to flourish, with promising prospects for future generations of German filmmakers.


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