The Rise of Hispanic Medfluencers on TikTok

In an industry with only 6% of physicians identifying as Hispanic, a new wave of TikTok creators is making its mark in the medfluencer world. These trailblazers are not only raising awareness but also striving to uplift other Hispanics with dreams of pursuing medicine. From daily inspirations to educational content and even trendy dances, these TikTok channels provide a diverse range of medical perspectives and experiences. In this article, we highlight some of the top Hispanic medfluencers who are making a difference in the healthcare landscape.

Dr. Leslie Gonzalez is a family medicine resident and the founder and CEO of Latinx en Medicina, a digital platform built for Latinx medical professionals. Her TikTok videos offer a personal insight into her life, capturing moments in both Spanish and English. Through her content, Dr. Gonzalez aims to inspire aspiring doctors while breaking language barriers within the medical community.

As a Miami-based 5th-year general surgery resident, Dr. Daisy Sanchez provides an authentic glimpse into her life as a medical professional. Balancing grueling 24-hour shifts and finding time for herself, Dr. Sanchez shares her journey through day-in-the-life style videos, skincare routines, and more. Her channel serves as a source of motivation for budding medical professionals and highlights the importance of self-care throughout the demanding medical training.

Dr. Ever Arias, a pulmonary and critical care fellow, utilizes TikTok as an educational platform. Through reaction videos to short clips related to medical topics, he seizes the opportunity to educate his audience. Dr. Arias tackles subjects such as parasites in raw fish and chiropractic adjustments, providing valuable insights and information to viewers who may not have access to such specialized knowledge.

Known on TikTok as “The Latina Doc,” Dr. Ali Rodriguez is an ob/gyn who uses her channel to address pregnancy and women’s health topics. She frequently answers questions from her viewers, creating a space for open dialogue and education. Additionally, Dr. Rodriguez shares her personal experience through her pregnancy journey, allowing her audience to connect on a deeper level.

Tabhata Paulet, currently a third-year medical student at Rutgers New Jersey Medical School, is a source of inspiration and guidance for budding Latinx medical students. Her channel offers advice for those pursuing medicine and provides insight into the challenges faced by first-generation Latinas in the medical field. By sharing her personal experiences, Paulet aims to empower others to overcome obstacles and achieve their dreams.

As an orthopedic surgery resident, Dr. Diego Barragan takes a unique approach to TikTok. His channel combines instructional videos on sutures with satirical healthcare skits, showcasing his humorous side as a “bone doctor.” Through his content, Dr. Barragan brings entertainment and education together, attracting a diverse range of viewers to his channel.

Dr. Cathy Garcia-Torres, a Chicago-based ob/gyn resident, creates fun and engaging videos accompanied by music overlays. Her channel documents her journey from medical school to residency, offering a glimpse into the life of a medical professional. Dr. Garcia-Torres also surprises her viewers with occasional impromptu Beyoncé concerts, bringing an element of joy and excitement to her content.

Currently pursuing his medical degree at UCLA, Santiago Gudiño-Rosales shares his journey in medicine through TikTok. His content strikes a balance between humor and inspiration, inviting disadvantaged youth to pursue their dreams of becoming doctors. By showcasing his own experiences, Gudiño-Rosales aims to motivate and encourage others from underserved communities to overcome obstacles and reach their full potential.

Dr. Paulina Perez, a pediatric cardiology fellow, uses her TikTok channel as an educational resource for parents. With videos in both English and Spanish, Dr. Perez addresses topics relating to the health of newborns. Her expertise and ability to present complex medical information in an accessible manner make her content valuable for individuals navigating the early stages of parenthood.

Dr. Jhaimy Fernandez, a Los Angeles-based family medicine resident, is a digital health equity leader. Through his TikTok channel, he aims to empower individuals from underserved communities and bridge the healthcare gap. Dr. Fernandez’s content blends medical expertise with a genuine passion for making a difference in the lives of those who need it most.

The emergence of Hispanic medfluencers on TikTok signifies a positive shift within the medical community. These individuals are using their platforms to inspire, educate, and make healthcare more accessible to all. The diverse perspectives and experiences offered by these TikTok creators are instrumental in breaking barriers and motivating others to pursue careers in medicine. As they continue to navigate the ever-evolving landscape of social media, Hispanic medfluencers are undoubtedly leaving a lasting impact on the industry.


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