The Shift from YouTube to Rooster Teeth’s Own Website: A Strategic Revenue Move

Rooster Teeth, the renowned production company, has recently announced its decision to migrate its content from YouTube to its own website. The move is primarily aimed at enhancing revenue generation, providing the company with the necessary resources to produce more high-quality content. In a video uploaded on X, Kerry Shawcross, the showrunner, explains the rationale behind this strategic shift.

According to Shawcross, the revenue generated from YouTube is no longer sufficient for Rooster Teeth’s needs. Delving deeper, he mentions that when viewers engage with content on the Rooster Teeth website, the accompanying advertisements deliver substantially more value to the company compared to views on YouTube. This disparity, combined with the evolving landscape of online video distribution, led Rooster Teeth to reevaluate its presence on YouTube.

Founded in Austin, Texas, Rooster Teeth recently celebrated its 20th anniversary as a production company. Over the years, it has gained recognition for its innovative streaming shows, such as the highly popular Red vs. Blue, which holds the distinction of being the third-longest running episodic web series in history since its launch back in 2003. Additionally, Rooster Teeth has successfully ventured into feature films with the release of Lazer Team and organizes the popular RTX convention.

In its pursuit of increased revenue, Rooster Teeth has developed a subscription model called FIRST. This new offering provides exclusive early access to content and grants discounts on merchandise available at the company’s store. By providing additional value to its dedicated fans, Rooster Teeth aims to cultivate a loyal community while simultaneously generating a sustainable income stream.

As part of this shift away from YouTube, Rooster Teeth will now host its entire back catalog exclusively on its website. By doing so, the company hopes to exploit the enhanced value generated through advertisements and drive traffic directly to its online platform. This move not only increases Rooster Teeth’s control over its content but also offers a more immersive and tailored experience for its viewers.

Rooster Teeth’s decision to migrate its content from YouTube to its own website is a strategic maneuver aimed at bolstering revenue and creating an environment conducive to the production of more engaging content. By leveraging the advantages of its new subscription model, FIRST, and consolidating its content on its website, Rooster Teeth is embracing the changing landscape of online video distribution. This bold move positions the company for continued growth, enabling it to provide its dedicated fanbase with an enhanced experience and a sustainable future.


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