The Silence Continues: Writers Guild of America East Fails to Condemn Terror Attacks on Israel

In a disturbing display of indifference, the Writers Guild of America East (WGAE) has chosen to remain silent in the face of the terror attacks on Israel and the taking of hundreds of hostages. This silence speaks volumes about the lack of moral clarity within the guild and raises questions about their commitment to human rights and justice. While some may argue that the guild’s decision is a mere point of policy, it is hard to overlook the hypocrisy and insensitivity inherent in this choice.

The WGAE’s decision to stay silent is deeply troubling, especially considering the severity of the attacks on Israel. Hamas, an internationally recognized terrorist organization, launched a bloody surprise attack on October 7th, resulting in the death of at least 1400 people and leaving thousands more injured. This attack on the Jewish people is the bloodiest since World War II, yet the guild remains silent.

In their official statement, WGAE president Lisa Takeuchi Cullen and other guild leaders admit that their silence may be seen as inadequate. They justify their lack of action by claiming that public statements not directly involving the guild or labor movement hinder the work of journalist members and cause division. While these concerns may be valid to some extent, they do not excuse the guild’s failure to address such a significant humanitarian crisis.

It is deeply alarming to witness the decline of solidarity within the entertainment industry. While the DGA and SAG-AFTRA have taken a clear stand against the terror attacks on Israel, the Writers Guild of America East and West have chosen to distance themselves from the issue. This lack of support sends a disturbing message to the world, suggesting that the entertainment industry is willing to turn a blind eye to acts of terrorism and the suffering of innocent civilians.

As writers, members of the guild have a unique platform and the power to effect change through their words. However, by choosing to remain silent, they are squandering an opportunity to use their voices for good. It is disheartening to see writers who champion justice and equality failing to speak out against acts of terror and oppression. In a time when the world needs strong voices of conscience, the WGAE’s silence is deafening.

The guild’s silence also disregards the ongoing humanitarian crisis in Gaza. Thousands of Palestinians have lost their lives as a result of Israeli airstrikes, and the situation continues to deteriorate. Protests against the Israeli government’s actions have erupted worldwide, highlighting the urgency of the situation. By failing to condemn these atrocities, the guild not only undermines its own credibility but also contributes to the perpetuation of violence and suffering.

While the guild may argue that their personal social media feeds address the issue indirectly, it is clear that such efforts are far from sufficient. By choosing to remain silent as an organization, the WGAE contradicts its professed commitment to a diversity of views and unity. The guild must take a consistent moral stand against terrorism and human rights abuses, regardless of industry politics or personal sentiments.

The entertainment industry has a unique ability to shape public opinion and influence global discourse. By taking a clear stance against terrorism and human rights abuses, the WGAE could leverage this power to make a meaningful difference. Their silence not only diminishes their reputation but also reflects the erosion of moral leadership within the industry.

As audience members, it is essential that we hold the Writers Guild of America East accountable for their failure to address the terror attacks on Israel. We must demand that they reassess their position and demonstrate a commitment to human rights, justice, and solidarity. Indifference in the face of violence only perpetuates suffering and allows oppressive regimes to thrive. It is time for the guild to break their silence and use their platform for good.


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