The Thrilling Switch: Die Alone Finds a New Path with Myriad Pictures

Carrie-Anne Moss, known for her iconic role as Trinity in The Matrix franchise, is back with a bang in the upcoming thriller Die Alone. This exciting film, directed by Lowell Dean, takes us on a heart-pounding journey into a post-apocalyptic world where nature has taken over and the dead roam the earth. Starring alongside Moss are Douglas Smith, Frank Grillo, and Kimberly-Sue Murray, making for a powerful ensemble cast. Die Alone recently wrapped production in Saskatchewan, and fans are eagerly awaiting its release.

From Archstone to Myriad Pictures: A Shift in Direction

Originally, Die Alone had been associated with Archstone, the international sales company that launched the project at Cannes. However, the producers made the decision to switch gears and partner with Myriad Pictures instead. This move opens up new opportunities for the film and brings it to the attention of a wider audience. Myriad Pictures has already sold the rights for the United States to Quiver and for Canada to Filmoption, solidifying its commitment to distribution.

The Plot Unveiled: An Unforgettable Quest

Die Alone revolves around Ethan (played by Douglas Smith), a young man who wakes up with amnesia to a world devastated by humanity’s destruction. Nature has reclaimed its dominance, leaving behind nothing but a haunting landscape covered in moss. In this nightmarish future, Ethan is determined to find his girlfriend Emma (Kimberly-Sue Murray), despite the grave dangers that surround them. Along his journey, Ethan catches the attention of Mae (Carrie-Anne Moss), a fierce survivalist with an unconventional approach to life. As Ethan’s fragmented memories fail him, he forms a reluctant alliance with Mae, hoping she can guide him. However, their path also crosses with Kai (Frank Grillo), a mysterious figure who may hold the key to unlocking Ethan’s fractured past.

Die Alone is a Minds Eye Entertainment production, led by the talented team of Kevin DeWalt, Danielle Masters, and Benjamin DeWalt. The film boasts an impressive lineup of executive producers, including Kirk D’Amico, Berry Meyerowitz, Jeff Sackman, and more. Together, they bring their expertise and vision to create a thrilling cinematic experience. Lowell Dean, renowned for his work on horror-comedy Wolfcop, showcases his directorial prowess with Die Alone, taking audiences on an unforgettable ride filled with suspense and adrenaline.

An Exciting Future Ahead

Myriad Pictures is enthusiastic about the opportunity to bring Die Alone to international buyers. Kirk D’Amico, from Myriad Pictures, expresses his excitement for the film, stating, “Lowell Dean’s vision of a dystopian future is both surprising and compelling. The performances from the cast are truly ‘bad ass,’ to turn a phrase. Fans of unique and elevated genre films are going to go crazy over this one!” With such high praise and anticipation building, Die Alone is set to captivate audiences worldwide.

Die Alone would not have been possible without the support of its esteemed partners. Telefilm Canada, Creative Saskatchewan Feature Film & Television Production Grant Program, the Canadian Film or Video Production Tax Credit, the Saskatchewan Media Production Industry Association (SMPIA) Work Experience Training Program, and Richmond Pictures all played crucial roles in bringing this thrilling project to life. Their collaboration and dedication to the film industry are commendable.

As Die Alone prepares to enter the global stage, fans can’t wait to immerse themselves in this gripping tale of survival, friendship, and the will to uncover one’s true identity. With its stellar cast, visionary director, and support from Myriad Pictures, Die Alone is poised to leave a lasting impact on audiences and serve as a testament to the power of the human spirit in the face of adversity. Get ready for a thrill ride like no other, because Die Alone is coming to a screen near you.


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