The Tragic Case of Bronson Battersby: A Review of Police Actions

The recent death of two-year-old Bronson Battersby and his father Kenneth in Skegness, Lincolnshire has prompted the police watchdog, the Independent Office for Police Conduct (IOPC), to launch an investigation. The IOPC aims to determine whether there were any missed opportunities by the police officers involved before this tragic incident occurred.

Bronson Battersby’s lifeless body was found next to his deceased 60-year-old father at their home on January 9th. It is believed that Kenneth suffered a fatal heart attack during the Christmas period, leaving young Bronson helpless and without access to food or water. Shockingly, the pair had not been seen alive since Boxing Day, two weeks prior to their discovery. This harrowing discovery raises questions about the actions taken by the police leading up to this devastating event.

Bronson’s mother, Sarah Piesse, expressed her guilt and regret over not being there for her son. In an interview with The Sun, she mentioned that if Bronson had been just two inches taller, he may have been able to reach the fridge and access some Christmas leftovers to sustain himself. This heart-wrenching statement serves as a reminder of the fragile nature of life and the importance of timely intervention and support.

A Complex Custody Arrangement

Bronson and his parents were part of a contentious custody arrangement. After the couple’s split in 2019, it was decided that Bronson would live with his father. This decision placed a significant responsibility on Kenneth Battersby, who unfortunately passed away, leaving Bronson vulnerable and alone.

Missed Opportunities and Lack of Response

Lincolnshire Police had been referred to the IOPC by themselves, acknowledging the need for an impartial investigation. The police force’s actions, or potential lack thereof, in the period leading up to the deaths of Kenneth and Bronson Battersby will now be thoroughly examined. The investigation will focus on whether there were any missed opportunities for the police to intervene and check on the welfare of the family.

Concerns Raised by Social Services

Bronson had been under the care of children’s services, and Lincolnshire County Council confirmed that they had regular contact with the young child. A council social worker had made attempts to visit Mr. Battersby and his son, but received no response when knocking on their door. This lack of response prompted the social worker to reach out to the police on two separate occasions. Tragically, it was only on January 9th that the social worker gained access to the property and discovered the lifeless bodies of Kenneth and Bronson Battersby.

Seeking Answers and Consideration for the Deceased

The regional director of the IOPC, Derrick Campbell, expressed his condolences to those affected by this heartbreaking incident. The IOPC’s investigation aims to provide a comprehensive understanding of the police response to prior welfare concerns that were raised. It will delve into the possibility of missed opportunities to check on the wellbeing of Kenneth and Bronson Battersby sooner, and ultimately seek to prevent similar tragedies in the future.

The case of Bronson Battersby’s death highlights the importance of a thorough and timely response from the authorities when concerns about the welfare of individuals, especially vulnerable children, are raised. The investigation launched by the police watchdog will play a crucial role in uncovering any possible failings in police actions and ensuring that lessons are learned from this tragic event. It is imperative that society as a whole reflects on such cases to foster a safer environment for everyone, and most importantly, to protect the most vulnerable members of our communities.


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