The Tragic Loss of Michael Latt: A Devastating Blow to the Hollywood Community

The untimely death of Michael Latt has sent shockwaves through the Hollywood community. Latt, the Chief Executive Officer of Lead With Love, was tragically killed on his doorstep Monday night. Known for his selfless service and dedication to spreading positivity, Latt’s loss is deeply mourned by the myriad artists he supported, particularly artists of color and women. His impact on the industry was undeniable, as he worked tirelessly to create opportunities for underrepresented voices.

Michael Latt was only 33 years old, and his life was just getting started. He had recently become engaged to Hannah Lovingood and was eagerly looking forward to making an even greater impact on the artistic community. One of his upcoming achievements was being invited to join the Artists Committee for the prestigious Kennedy Center Honors. This recognition was a significant milestone in his journey towards elevating artists’ work. The tragic and unexpected loss of such a promising talent is heart-wrenching.

Family Ties: A Legacy of Artistry and Advocacy

Michael Latt’s ability to gather influential names like Common, Ryan Coogler, Annette Bening, Barry Jenkins, and Ava DuVernay for his events was undoubtedly influenced by his familial connections within the industry. His brother, Franklin Latt, holds a prominent position as the head of talent at CAA, representing many high-profile stars. Furthermore, his mother, Michelle Satter, is set to receive an honorary Oscar in January for her outstanding contributions to the Sundance Institute. The Latt family’s commitment to the arts and advocacy is evident, and Michael continued this legacy through his work with Lead With Love.

The devastating news of Michael Latt’s passing resonated deeply with CAA co-chairman and managing partner Kevin Huvane. Having experienced the loss of his own brother, Chris Huvane, just last year, Kevin understood the pain and grief Michael’s loved ones were enduring. Kevin recalls his relationship with Michael’s brother, Franklin, and how it paralleled the bond he shared with Chris. Both Franklin and Michael possessed a remarkable love for artists and artistry, rooted in their upbringing. They understood the importance of being good citizens of the world, using their positions to make a positive difference. Kevin emphasizes that this profound loss underscores the immense value of these individuals and questions how such tragic events can occur to such genuinely good people.

Franklin Latt, Michael’s older brother, and best friend, shares his heartfelt reminiscences of their close relationship. Together, they embarked on countless adventures, constantly looking towards the next exciting experience they could enjoy together. Franklin highlights Michael’s passionate and intentional approach to life, emphasizing that he founded Lead With Love with the goal of championing artists and creating positive change on a global scale. The overwhelming outpour of love and support from all those touched by Michael’s kindness has brought solace to the grieving Latt family. Despite their unimaginable loss, they find comfort in knowing that Michael’s legacy will continue to inspire others to lead their lives with the same intention.

A Painful Reminder: The Fragility of Life

In times of inexplicable tragedy, such as the loss of Michael Latt, we are reminded of the fragile nature of life. It is during these heartbreaking moments that we are compelled to hold our loved ones close and appreciate the preciousness of every day. The senseless and untimely death of an individual like Michael, who dedicated himself to fostering unity in an increasingly troubled world, is a stark reminder that life does not always adhere to notions of fairness or justice.

The tragic loss of Michael Latt has left a void in the Hollywood community and in the hearts of all who knew him. His selfless dedication to spreading positivity and creating opportunities for underrepresented voices will be sorely missed. As the industry mourns this devastating loss, it is crucial that we honor Michael’s legacy by carrying forward his mission to uplift artists and affect positive change. Our deepest condolences go out to his family and friends during this incredibly difficult time.


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