The Tragic School Car Crash in Wimbledon: Families Criticize Decision Not to Charge Driver

The families of two young girls, Nuria Sajjad and Selena Lau, who tragically lost their lives in a school car crash in Wimbledon, have expressed their disappointment and outrage over the decision not to charge the driver responsible for the incident. The two girls died after a Land Rover crashed through a fence and collided with a building at The Study Prep school in southwest London during an end-of-term party last year on July 6th. The parents, Sajjad Butt, Smera Chohan, Franky Lau, and Jessie Deng, have criticized the Crown Prosecution Service’s (CPS) verdict, stating that “justice has neither been done, nor has been seen to be done today.”

Prosecutors’ Explanation

The CPS described the deaths of Nuria and Selena as an “unthinkable tragedy” but explained that the driver, Claire Freemantle, had suffered an epileptic seizure while behind the wheel, leading to the loss of control of the vehicle. Despite the heartbreaking outcome, the CPS stated that there was no evidence to suggest that Ms. Freemantle could have predicted or prevented the incident. They emphasized that she had no prior history of seizures and no previously diagnosed medical condition that could have indicated such an event.

Detective Chief Superintendent Clair Kelland offered to meet with the families of the victims to address any questions they may have had following the CPS’s decision. The police were present during the delivery of the verdict, showing their support for the grieving families. The families, however, remained skeptical of the thoroughness and fairness of the investigation, expressing their continued disbelief in the justice system’s handling of the case.

Driver’s Remorse

In response to the tragedy, Ms. Freemantle expressed her deepest sorrow for the families of Nuria and Selena. She acknowledged the devastating consequences of the accident and revealed that she had no recollection of the events that transpired after losing consciousness due to the epileptic seizure. Despite her remorse and sympathy for the victims’ families, the decision not to pursue criminal charges has left the families feeling abandoned and betrayed by the legal system.

The tragic school car crash in Wimbledon serves as a stark reminder of the fragility of life and the irreversible impact of unforeseen circumstances. The grief and anger felt by the families of Nuria Sajjad and Selena Lau highlight the inadequacies of the justice system in providing closure and accountability in cases of negligence. As the families continue to mourn the loss of their loved ones, they seek solace in the hope that their voices will be heard and justice will eventually prevail, bringing a sense of peace and closure to their shattered lives.


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