The UK’s Best and Worst Airports: A Critical Analysis

In a recent survey conducted by Which?, Liverpool John Lennon Airport has been named the UK’s best airport, while Manchester Airport has earned the unfortunate title of the worst. In this critical analysis, we will delve into the key highlights of the survey and explore the reasons behind the rankings.

Liverpool John Lennon Airport emerged as the frontrunner in the Which? survey, securing an impressive overall customer score of 82%. Passengers praised the airport for its efficiency and described it as “first class” and “well run”. The staff was commended for their friendliness and helpfulness, contributing to the positive experience of travelers. London City Airport secured the second position with a customer score of 78%. Its “relaxed” atmosphere and minimal security waiting times were highlighted as key factors in its success.

On the other end of the spectrum, Manchester Airport received the lowest rankings in the survey. Terminal 3 and Terminal 1 scored an abysmal customer score of just 38% and 44%, respectively. Passengers complained about the “huge queues” at check-in and expressed their frustration with the overall crowded and noisy environment. The airport’s security queues were also deemed to be notably long, with an average waiting time of 28 minutes reported at Terminal 3. Birmingham Airport, although not the worst, was also amongst the lowest ranked airports, with an average wait time of 29 minutes.

Manchester Airport expressed its disagreement with the survey findings, labeling it as “deeply flawed and misleading.” The airport argued that the research was based on a “tiny and unrepresentative sample” of their 25 million passengers each year. Manchester Airport claimed to have achieved a 94% rating in their own survey, conducted on 840 passengers in July and August. Birmingham Airport highlighted the potential flaws of relying on anecdotal estimates rather than concrete data, suggesting that the survey may not accurately reflect the true performance of the airports.

Despite the criticisms raised regarding the survey methodology, it is important to acknowledge the impact of passenger experiences on airport rankings. Liverpool John Lennon Airport has rightfully earned its recognition as the UK’s best airport, and passengers have attested to its exceptional customer service and operational efficiency. On the other hand, Manchester Airport’s poor performance in several categories raises concerns about the overall airport experience for travelers. As airports play a significant role in facilitating journeys, it becomes crucial for airports to address the shortcomings highlighted by passengers and strive for constant improvement.

– Liverpool John Lennon: 82% overall customer score
– London City: 78%
– Southampton: 77%
– Bournemouth: 75%
– East Midlands: 72%
– Newcastle: 72%
– Glasgow International: 62%
– Leeds Bradford: 58%
– London Gatwick North: 57%
– London Heathrow – Terminal 4: 57%
– London Heathrow – Terminal 5: 57%
– Bristol: 56%
– Aberdeen: 55%
– Edinburgh: 55%
– London Gatwick South: 54%
– London Heathrow – Terminal 2: 54%
– London Heathrow – Terminal 3: 54%
– Birmingham: 53%
– London Stansted: 51%
– Manchester Terminal 2: 50%
– Belfast International: 49%
– Luton: 49%
– Manchester Terminal 1: 44%
– Manchester Terminal 3: 38%


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