The Uninvited Guest: Red-Bellied Black Snakes in Australian Homes

In a recent incident that unfolded in the Adelaide Hills, an Australian woman, Gail Auricht, discovered a rather unexpected intruder in her home – a large red-bellied black snake hanging from her fridge’s water and ice dispenser. This incident has garnered considerable attention locally and nationally, highlighting the prevalence of encounters with this venomous snake species. Let’s delve into this captivating tale of how a snake sought refuge from the scorching heat and ended up becoming the center of attention.

A Startling Encounter

On January 13, Gail Auricht stumbled upon an approximately 80 centimeters (31 inches) long red-bellied black snake in the outdoor entertainment area of her home. This incident, understandably, was extremely traumatic for Gail, as her young son had previously been bitten by a venomous snake. The snake had found its way into the fridge’s water and ice dispenser, perhaps seeking respite from the intense heat. Fortunately, Gail managed to stay calm, and her neighbors promptly contacted a professional snake catcher, ensuring the safe removal of the reptile.

An Unusual Trend

Interestingly, this particular snake’s escapade was not an isolated incident. Throughout the week, other red-bellied black snakes had been spotted in peculiar locations across Australia. One snake was found hiding under a restaurant’s coffee machine, while another hitched a ride on a Rural Fire Service vehicle. These incidents emphasize the constant presence of these snakes in various settings and highlight the need for caution.

Red-Bellied Black Snakes: A Common Sight in Eastern Australia

Red-bellied black snakes, scientifically known as Pseudechis porphyriacus, are frequently encountered on the east coast of Australia. These snakes are characterized by their glossy black backs and vibrant underbellies. While they possess venom, they are typically non-aggressive and rarely bite unless provoked. Red-bellied black snakes primarily feed on frogs, lizards, small mammals, and even members of their own species. Notably, there have been no confirmed cases of human deaths resulting from their bites. However, their venom can cause unpleasant symptoms such as bleeding, swelling, headaches, abdominal pain, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, and muscle weakness.

An Unexpected Encounter

Gail Auricht shared her harrowing experience of discovering the snake. Initially mistaking the hissing sound for an air compressor, she was shocked to find the snake hanging from the refrigerator’s ice outlet. The snake had presumably gotten stuck while attempting to maneuver itself into the dispenser. As it tried to free itself, it inadvertently triggered the fridge alarm, creating an even more perplexing situation.

Seeking Shelter from Extreme Weather

Why did the snake choose the refrigerator as its temporary sanctuary? Snakes, unable to internally regulate their temperature, tend to seek shelter in cooler locations during extreme weather conditions. Unfortunately, our homes and backyards often inadvertently provide suitable habitats for these reptiles. With rising temperatures, snakes may bask in the sun in search of warmth or, as a driver unfortunately experienced in 2018, even seek refuge in the warmth of a car’s engine. In hot weather, they may appear in unexpected places such as behind air conditioners, under refrigerators, in toilet bowls, under barbecues, or within crevices of retaining walls.

Australia’s climate has experienced a significant rise of approximately 1.4 °C since 1910, resulting in soaring temperatures in certain regions. Simon Hempel, the snake catcher involved in Gail’s case, explained that the recent hot weather following heavy rainfall had led to an increase in snake-related incidents. This unpredictability highlights the need for preparedness and caution when encountering these reptiles.

Snake catchers play a crucial role in safely relocating these creatures, ensuring the safety of both humans and snakes alike. As a precautionary measure, experts advise keeping doors and windows closed, securely storing food and rubbish, and promptly contacting professionals in the event of a snake encounter. By taking such preventive measures, homeowners can minimize the likelihood of unintentional encounters with these fascinating yet potentially dangerous reptiles.

Encounters with red-bellied black snakes in Australian homes are not entirely unusual due to their presence in the region. Gail Auricht’s ordeal has shed light on the need for vigilance and caution when it comes to living in areas inhabited by venomous snakes. By being aware of their behavior and habitats, individuals can navigate their surroundings with increased safety and minimize the potential risks associated with these uninvited guests.


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