The Unveiling of Samsung’s Galaxy Z Fold 6 Ultra: What We Know So Far

The latest rumors and leaks swirling around the tech world point to the possibility of Samsung launching not just one, but multiple book-style Galaxy Z Fold 6 models this year. While the exact timeline for these releases remains unclear, whispers suggest that Samsung might unveil these devices at an earlier-than-usual Unpacked event in Paris. These speculations are further fueled by murmurs of a more budget-friendly Galaxy Z Fold model, as well as a higher-end version tentatively dubbed the Galaxy Z Fold 6 Ultra.

A recent report from sheds light on the development of the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 6 Ultra. According to the report, this top-tier foldable smartphone is being crafted under the model code Q6A. It is worth noting that Samsung seems to be following a pattern in its model numbering system; with the numeral ‘6’ typically denoting a ‘Fold model’ and ‘8’ earmarked for ‘Ultra’ models. For instance, the current Galaxy Z Fold 5 bears the model number SM-F946, while its successor is expected to carry the code SM-F956.

The unique model number SM-F958 for the Galaxy Z Fold 6 Ultra suggests an intriguing convergence of the Galaxy Z and Galaxy S series. Interestingly, Samsung has traditionally used the ‘Ultra’ branding for its Galaxy Tab S tablet series and Galaxy Book laptop lineups. However, the introduction of the ‘Ultra’ moniker to Samsung’s foldables signifies a significant shift in the company’s marketing strategy.

Despite the anticipation surrounding the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 6 Ultra, there seems to be a potential hiccup in its global availability. The report by indicates that, as of now, only a model labeled SM-F958N is in the works, tailored specifically for the South Korean market. This raises questions about whether the Galaxy Z Fold 6 Ultra will see a limited release, with only the standard Galaxy Z Fold 6 making its debut in various markets.

In addition to the Galaxy Z Fold 6 series, Samsung is gearing up to launch the Galaxy Z Flip 6 model at the upcoming Unpacked event. The event, reportedly scheduled to be held in Paris, France, is expected to be a showcase of Samsung’s cutting-edge foldable technology. With rumors swirling and anticipation building, tech enthusiasts worldwide eagerly await further details on the Galaxy Z Fold 6 Ultra and its potential impact on the smartphone market.

Samsung’s foray into the realm of ultra-premium foldable devices with the Galaxy Z Fold 6 Ultra signifies a bold step towards innovation and pushing the boundaries of smartphone design. As the tech giant prepares to unveil its latest offerings, all eyes are on Samsung to see how these new devices will reshape the landscape of the mobile industry.


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