Waitress: The Musical Receives Extended Theatrical Run Due to Exceptional Performance

Bleecker Street has made the decision to extend the theatrical run of the highly popular musical, “Waitress: The Musical,” through the holiday season. The distributor initially planned for a one-week run, but after witnessing the exceptional performance and nationwide sellouts, they deemed it necessary to keep the film in theaters for an extended period.

“Waitress: The Musical” was released on 1,214 screens across the United States and Canada, grossing an impressive $3.5 million from Thursday to Sunday. It secured the eighth spot at the North American box office, earning $3.2 million for the weekend. What sets this film apart from others in the top ten is its increasing ticket sales from Saturday to Sunday, indicating a growing interest and demand for the musical.

Positive Word-of-Mouth and Fan Support

The success of “Waitress: The Musical” at the box office can be attributed to the tremendous word-of-mouth surrounding the film. Fans of the musical have shown their unwavering support, resulting in packed theaters nationwide. Bleecker Street’s president of distribution, Kyle Davies, expressed his delight with the film’s performance and thanked the fans for their contribution to its success.

Sarah Bareilles, the star of the film, took to Instagram to express her gratitude to the fans. She posted a delighted message stating, “Can’t thank you enough, our beloved fans. This is all because of you!!! WE ARE OVER THE MOON PIE!” The entire cast and production team of “Waitress: The Musical” are thrilled with the film’s achievements and are excited to continue the momentum during the extended run.

“Waitress: The Musical” first debuted on Broadway in 2016 and received immense praise from audiences and critics alike. Due to its popularity, it returned for a limited engagement in the fall of 2021, captivating theatergoers once again. The musical is based on the 2007 motion picture written by Adrienne Shelly, which adds another layer of sentiment and nostalgia for fans of the original film.

The decision to extend the theatrical run of “Waitress: The Musical” is a testament to its exceptional performance at the box office. The film’s impressive gross and increasing ticket sales demonstrate the continued interest and support from audiences. With positive word-of-mouth and a passionate fan base, the musical has become a must-see event for theater enthusiasts. As the holiday season approaches, the extended run will undoubtedly attract even more viewers, ensuring the continued success of “Waitress: The Musical.”


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