WhatsApp Rumored to Enable International Payments via UPI Service

A recent leak suggests that WhatsApp may be working on introducing international payments through its in-app Unified Payments Interface (UPI) service. This feature, if implemented, would allow Indian users to send money to select international merchants, potentially expanding the platform’s user base.

WhatsApp Payments, also known as WhatsApp Pay, was initially launched for Indian users in November 2020. However, the platform’s entry into the payments sector was perceived as delayed compared to its competitors who had established similar services earlier. The addition of international payments could be a strategic move by WhatsApp to enhance its financial service offerings and attract more users.

According to tipster @AssembleDebug, the leak regarding international payments on WhatsApp through UPI for Indian users was shared on X (formerly known as Twitter). The tipster mentioned that this feature is currently not available to users, but WhatsApp could be working on implementing it. The absence of information about this feature on Google further adds to the speculation.

The leaked screenshots reveal a new option in the Payments menu called “International payments.” Users can select start and end dates for the feature and activate it by entering their UPI PIN. This functionality enables Indian users to make transactions with international merchants, subject to UPI services being enabled by banks in the respective countries.

While WhatsApp’s international payments feature is rumored to have a three-month transaction period, Google Pay offers a seven-day window for similar transactions. Other major players in the UPI space, such as PhonePe, already support international payments, indicating a competitive landscape in the digital payment sector.

If WhatsApp successfully implements international payments via UPI, it could potentially attract more users who engage in cross-border transactions. This move could also position WhatsApp as a formidable competitor in the digital payments space, challenging existing players and driving innovation in the sector.

The rumored introduction of international payments on WhatsApp through its UPI service signifies a strategic expansion of the platform’s financial capabilities. While the feature is still under development, its potential benefits for users and implications for the digital payments landscape are worth monitoring closely.


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