Why Zachary Levi Wants to Continue Playing Shazam Despite Criticism

In a recent interview with Comicbook.com, actor Zachary Levi expressed his enthusiasm for continuing to portray the character of Shazam. Despite the negative reception received by the latest Shazam! sequel, Fury of the Gods, Levi remains optimistic about the potential for future installments. He stated, “I would love to be able to do more iterations of it,” highlighting his dedication to the role. Additionally, Levi revealed his desire to collaborate with Nathan Fillion’s Green Lantern, demonstrating his eagerness to explore new possibilities within the DC universe.

Despite his commitment to Shazam, Levi’s openness to playing other DC characters remains uncertain. When confronted with the question of taking on a different role, the actor appeared skeptical about the feasibility of such a transition. Drawing attention to Sean Gunn’s involvement in both Marvel and DC projects, Levi humorously remarked, “Listen, when you’re the brother of the guy who runs DC, I guess you get to play who you want.” This response suggests that playing multiple characters within the DC universe might not be as accessible for Levi compared to others.

Achievements to Celebrate

Reflecting on his journey as Shazam, Levi expressed pride in his work on both films. He believes that the second installment surpassed the first in various aspects, while acknowledging the original film’s success. Levi’s positive sentiment towards the franchise demonstrates his confidence in not only his portrayal but also the creative direction taken by the filmmakers. Despite the critical reception of Fury of the Gods, Levi remains unwavering in his belief that both films are worthy accomplishments.

Despite his dedication to the character, Levi’s career extends beyond the realm of Shazam. His upcoming film, Chicken Run: Dawn of the Nugget, is set to premiere on Netflix on December 15. This new project showcases Levi’s versatility as an actor and provides a glimpse into his ability to tackle diverse roles beyond the superhero genre. While Shazam has become a significant part of his career, Levi’s willingness to explore different avenues of storytelling highlights his desire for growth and continuous artistic development.

Zachary Levi’s enthusiasm for portraying Shazam and his willingness to collaborate with other DC characters demonstrates his commitment to the role. Despite the criticism faced by the recent Shazam! sequel, Levi stands proud of his work and believes in the franchise’s potential. While his future within the DC universe remains uncertain, Levi’s versatility as an actor ensures that he will continue to captivate audiences in various projects beyond Shazam. With his upcoming film on the horizon, fans can look forward to witnessing Levi’s talent in a unique and thrilling context.


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